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5 Ways chat Bot Has Taken the Online Business World by Storm

A chat bot is a program used to run an online chat session, either through text or voice-to-voice, instead of providing direct physical contact with an online human agent. Bot users can be provided with a specially designated on-site chat bot or let the chat bot search the chat rooms for specific conversations to be conducted between the two end-users. In either situation, a user can interact with their bot as if they were sitting in front of the bot. The advantages of using a chat bot for inbound marketing campaigns are plentiful, including the ability to:

Research your audience. When using chat bots for inbound marketing, it’s important to look like you’re interested in them. Consider an A.I. chat bot, which is, in a way, a replica of a real-life person – complete with a realistic voice and a pleasant accent, and a realistic, flesh and blood appearance. If you were chatting with a bot specifically created for a law firm, for example, the bot would probably look like a real attorney. This allows you to appear as a relevant and legitimate professional to potential clients.

Customize your Bot. Chat bots can be integrated into several different chat apps, including: Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM and Skype. The chat bots can be added to free web-based apps as well. For example, if you have an account with Facebook, you can integrate your Bot into Facebook Messenger.

Build a community. Bots built with artificial intelligence will be able to detect common interests and chatters in real time, as well as handle conversations that don’t pertain to any shared interests. This allows you to build a community around your product or service quickly and effectively.

Be more creative. Currently, the technology to build a chat bot is relatively basic. However, it is only in recent years that machines have become good enough at conversational programming to handle highly advanced questions. If you need an example, Google’s chatbot” Tay” has already built a substantial following. This type of technology allows companies to tap into human interaction and use it to help improve their products.

Direct customers. Today, it is possible to direct customers to a specific product by simply sending them a short message. You could send a “freebie” or a discount coupon directly to a potential customer’s email, or they can click on a small link that takes them straight to the offer. There are a number of different uses for chat Bots. Many large companies, such as Dell, are now using chat bots for customer service. The chat bots are programmed to identify certain common problems, such as a hard drive dying, and then redirect the customer to a live customer service agent.

Robotic automation. Chat Bots are great if you have a large number of salespeople, but what if you want to retain a little bit of human interaction within your company? This is why researchers are currently working on developing artificially intelligent chat interfaces that will allow chatbot users to chat with other chat bot users. Eventually, chat bots may be able to carry out basic tasks that a human can, such as directing visitors to a help center.

Ease of use. In a world where chat bots are replacing a great deal of human interaction, customer service, and much more, it is important to make sure that your chat bot is easy to use. Currently, there are a variety of different chatbot developers that offer different bot languages (for instance, American English and British English), but it is still important to make sure your chat bot can understand standard.i files. Otherwise, all of your customers will be wasting time trying to input information into a chatbot that doesn’t really understand it.