If you’ve just got a new spy cam, you are going to want to install the best spy cam app for Windows 7. Why? This is because you need it to operate smoothly and in the most effective way possible. And if you’re not sure how to get it installed on your system, read on!

But first, what is a spy cam anyway? Simply put, it’s a digital camera that you plug into your computer to covertly record whatever takes your fancy. These are commonly used by individuals and companies for investigative purposes, such as finding out about whether or not their employees are stealing from the company, etc. These days though, they can be used for more personal reasons.

There are a number of spy cam programs available for Windows 7. Some of them are freeware, while others will need to be purchased before you can use it. But which ones do you need? The good news is that there is no need to get one of these programs if you have a PC that’s already set up to run spyware detection. What you need is a freeware that has been modified to specifically detect spyware and then protect against it, such as Ccleaner.

So how do you get this program? It’s easy – just visit the link below. It will take you through a very simple process of downloading spyware blockers and then letting you install them. You should see a screen that says “trapping spyware successfully” and should just let it run through. Once it’s through, there will be a choice of whether you want it to stop the offending spyware from loading up.

If you want it to block the spyware from loading up then all you need to do is click on the “blocking” tab. Simply install the blocker and then it should stop the spyware from loading up on your camera. This way you won’t even need to use the spy cam software to watch what’s going on. Now all you need to do is set up the camera to actually record the video and save it.

It’s easy to install, it’s easy to use, it’s free and your kids won’t be doing anything to tarnish your reputation. You just need to download a spy cam app for Windows 7 and let it run in the background. As long as you are able to see the video then you’ve got nothing to worry about. The majority of spy cam programs work in the same way – they capture the video and then save it to your hard drive. If you don’t then simply open it up in another window. No one will ever know you had a spy cam installed.