Messenger bots are all the rage in the world of online marketing today. In the early days, only a handful of online business owners realized the value of bot creation for their web-based businesses. Only with the visualization of chatbot advertising results, other companies began to leverage this new technology for their e-commerce businesses. Today, many large companies are using bot-based marketing strategies for their web portals. If you want to make some quick and easy money, it is time to learn how to create a messenger bot for Facebook.

The primary function of a messenger bot is to help you find new subscribers. With billions of people using Facebook every single day, it’s imperative to keep your company’s information up-to-date and reach out to these social media obsessed individuals. You’ll need a combination of video, image and social media sharing capabilities, to not only capture the attention of your audience, but also to make your message compelling.

Social media sharing is imperative to reaching new customers and keeping your customers satisfied with your services. Social media account allows you to add a link directly to your website, where you can then include a broadcasted video, image or blog post that includes your latest product updates, promotional content and customer service perks. Messenger bots are great at finding new subscribers by searching for the people who have expressed an interest in your products and services. Bots can even connect your account to Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and many more social media sites, thereby increasing your reach and opportunities for interaction.

Bots make it easy for customers to interact with you in real time, as well as providing exceptional customer service. You can set up various user groups, such as consumers with questions, prospects, affiliates and so forth. When one of your subscriber invites others to join their group, this will be tracked and reported on a number of metrics to help you understand how to best make use of your automated handling system. Bots are extremely helpful in ensuring that the most appropriate messages are sent at the most appropriate time. For instance, if a potential customer sends you a message to ask about a particular inquiry, you can make sure that your bot responds appropriately, by posting the appropriate icon on your channel.

Chat bots provide another level of interaction between the subscriber and service provider. With the ability to customize different messages based on the needs of the individual conversation, a user can ask a question through a chat bot and then receive an answer by other members of the chat bot network. If one of your subscribers sends you a message asking about discounts on particular services, you can make use of a built in discount calculator to calculate which discounts will make your subscriber the most money by selecting the relevant discount.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make a large number of sales, try using a left-sidebar widget. Using a left-sidebar widget displays information about the most recently sent messages. As soon as a subscriber clicks on the ‘left-sidebar’ icon, this information is shown right away on their page. This feature is useful because it enables you to see exactly how many people are following your links. You can also set up a number of sub-outlets that display relevant information in real-time, which helps make it easier to keep track of subscription activity.