If you’re one of the many people who love to play video games, you may have heard of GameSpy. This large gaming network offered reviews, information, add-ons, and game servers for people to connect online. Unfortunately, GameSpy’s business model forced the company to shut down its services on May 31, 2014. In the meantime, you can find a number of other game websites to continue playing. Read on for more details.

GameSpy shut down its online functionality in May 2014, which affected most of its non-EA games. Some games, however, remain available online with GameSpy’s V1 emulator. While it’s unlikely that these alternatives will replace GameSpy, you can still enjoy the online functionality of some games with GameSpy. These alternatives can be used as a substitute for GameSpy, and some might even work to enable online functionality for some games.

GameSpy’s online functionality is built upon the technology that GameSpy developed. More than 800 developers and publishers have now licensed its services to provide online functionality. Some of these include Nintendo’s online services. Many more have migrated to online services through Steam or spun up their own servers. The services have also helped some titles come back online, thanks to fans and gamers alike. But while GameSpy’s online functionality may be disappearing, the service’s community continues to flourish.

FilePlanet is another website owned by GameSpy. Its servers require a paid account to access, and it has excessive ads. Unlike its competitor, FilePlanet has many advantages, including game reviews and tutorials, but the downside is the amount of time and effort required to download them. This network is a complete waste of time. But if you’re into video games, the GameSpy network may be a good choice.

Comrade is the company’s flagship community gaming application, and allows players to connect with friends who play online video games. Comrade supports 60 different games, and also features automatic updates and statistics. It was later discontinued, but it’s still an important service for gamers. This software is designed for multiplayer games and is rivaled by Ventrilo and Teamspeak. But what makes GameSpy software so effective? Its proprietary technology has given it a reputation for reliability.