I Spy is based on a new novel of the same name. The book centers on a thirty-something tennis player named Mike Weiss, who is part of a network of hackers for the Defense Department. Weiss works for the agency as an undercover agent. He has a serious tennis addiction, to the point that he is nearly quitting the game, but ends up going through with it when he meets a cute girl in the course of doing his spying work. He is determined to get his hands on some top tennis players in the country so he can get the full information on the upcoming French Open and U.S. Open, among other tournaments.

Alexander Sklar and Kelly Robinson are both purported to be a pair of yuppie tennis players who mooch around the country, with Robinson supposedly playing tennis with rich people in exchange for free food and accommodations. In reality, however, they are actual spies for theDefense department, fighting evil agents in the course of doing their spying work. With Bill Cosby plays one of the main characters, “I Spy,” comes as little surprise as any with regard to the lightness of the movie and its cast list.

One of the more interesting names on the I Spy cast is that of Pam Poovey, who appeared in three episodes of the first season. It was her appearance as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in the final episode of Season Three that catapulted her to worldwide fame, including an invite to the White House along with a star turn on the TV show Smallville. She also appeared in four episodes of the second season, All I Want to Know I Learned was about her search for her daughter missing since birth, and she was briefly married to Richard Connery in the later episodes before finally separating in the fourth season.

One of the coolest members of the I Spy crew of actors is Michael Chiklis, who played Jim Trotter, a reporter for the Boston Daily News. Chiklis was most known for his role as John D’Amato on the TV show The West Wing, but he has also appeared in I Spy assels, a government consultant and waiter at Chiklis’s restaurant, and as President Whitlock in an episode of The Mentalist. It’s quite the resume for a small-time actor, and Chiklis has nothing to lose by trying out for the part of Dana Scully in I Spy. On the other hand, he may not be quite as well known as some of the other actors from this series.

Of course, it’s always great to see the latest additions to the I Spy cast, and the latest addition to that list is none other than our resident evil nemesis, Elena Cook. Elena was only in the first few episodes of the I Spy television show, but her casting is certainly exciting, given her connection to Elenaoff, the owner of an illegal gambling ring, that was featured in an episode of I Spy. Elena was last seen in an episode of Californian High School Musical, but her casting is sure to garner her many places in the I Spy cast.

Finally, let’s not forget about all those great supporting actors that worked on this wonderful show. Who can forget Dr. Allison Montgomery, who played the role of an aging Alzheimer’s patient who had been adopted by a family who were struggling in their own home? Then there’re Zoe , who appeared in just one episode as an aging prom queen who was trying to get out of her arranged marriage, and her connection to Elena’s stepmother, played by Julie Benz. These are only a few of the many amazing guest stars that worked on this fantastic show, and the I Spy cast is really a who’s who of Hollywood quality.