Phone tapping software can be used to do a number of things. For example, you can use it to find out who has been calling or texting a specific person. Or you could use it to get information about an unknown number on your phone bill.

There are many different types of software available to buy. You can use a free version or a paid version. Whichever version you use though, you will need to know how to install it.

When it comes to installing the software, there are just a few basic steps. First you will need to make sure that the software is installed in a place where it can get access to the internet. If you want to use it for something, you will also need to have a working modem and a phone line. If you want to use it to get information about someone then you should check if they have a cell phone line as well.

After that, you will then need to download the software onto your computer. Once it is downloaded, you will need to install it. You will need to enter a password or have it copied onto your computer. Then you will click start and go through all the start up options. This is done so the software can get the best possible performance.

Next you will need to turn on the internet connection and wait for it to connect. Once it does you will be able to see the settings on the screen. From here you will then need to choose a location to connect to. If you want to use it to get information from your phone, then you should choose the option to send data to the software.

After that, you will now be able to start using the software. You will need to log into the account that you have created in the software. This account will give you the option to change how the software works. You will be able to select which company you want to be able to call and also which phone number you want to be able to get information about.

Next you will then need to enter the phone number of the person you want to get information about. The software will then try to find out what the phone number is. If it can get any details it will then send them to the software. After the call is completed the information will then be sent to the software.

You will then need to click on the option to try another feature of the software called data collection. With this you will be able to collect the information that you have collected. This will then be sent to you.