Getting an I Spy poster is easy. The images are paired with the first letter of a name, making it easy to learn the sounds of each letter. You can use this poster to teach children about the alphabet. Early literacy is dependent on being able to read and write. There are many great ways to get started. Here are some ideas for your next poster. You can make it yourself or buy it for a child to use at home.

Create the images. Marzollo and Wick brainstorm ideas for the pictures together. Then, they create sets in Wick’s studio using a variety of materials, such as wires and cut plastic straws. The objects are then hidden inside the images, and they can be found in real life. Then, they discuss the different rhyming possibilities of each photo. They use an 8″ by 10″ view camera to photograph the sets.

Make a riddle out of the riddles. Some of the riddles on an I SPY poster rhyme. The first line of the poem rhymes with the second line of the riddle, while the third and fourth lines rhyme with the first. You can also rhyme the riddles by using a-b-a-c-b. It’s fun to make a riddle! Then, print it out and display it for friends.

An ISPY picture is a good example of a rhyming poster. It shows two different objects whose names rhyme. The first line of the riddle is a-b-a-b. The second line rhymes with c-b-a-c-b. The third line rhymes with a-b-a-b. That’s one of the many ways to make an ISPY poster.

The rhyming riddles on the ISPY poster are also a good source of rhyming words. The first and last lines of the riddles rhyme, so the first and second lines are a-b-c-b. The fourth line rhymes with a-b-a-b. The rhyming riddle of an ISPY is a-b-c-b.

Marzollo and Wick conceptualize the ISPY pictures together. They work on the concept of the picture, as well as how to make it look realistic. Then, Wick prepares the sets in his studio, using different types of materials. They hide the objects, including the camera. The artist then talks about the rhyming possibilities with Marzollo. Then, they shoot the sets with an 8″ by 10″ view camera.