If you are a parent and are looking for some educational toys for your little one, iSpy books and DVDs are perfect. These toys are the perfect solution to help stimulate your children’s imagination. You will also love the fact that they are safe and will not cause any health risk to your child. Moreover, your children will love learning new things every time they play with these books and DVDs.

iBooks Spy: iBooks Spy books are perfect for young learners who want to become great readers. You can get iBooks Spy online here. Operation Pocket n ‘Tail: The Operation pocket n’ tail is a fun and easy way for your child to play with their favourite t-ball set. You will find this toy extremely useful for your little tykes as it helps them enhance their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

iBooks Yoga Cards: Yoga is an important part of your child’s growth and development. You will find yoga cards online very useful. It helps your kid to understand and learn different aspects of yoga very easily. Moreover, it also helps them learn how to make the best use of their extra time by working on their fine motor skills while enjoying the holiday season with their iBooks Yoga Cards.

iBooks Christmas Balloons: You can give your kiddo one of the most entertaining books this holiday season – iBooks Christmas Balloons. You will enjoy the book, especially once your kiddo has painted the Christmas balloon on it. In addition, your kiddo will learn different Christmas holiday themed activities while playing with the balloons in his or her room. You will find this book absolutely fascinating and extremely useful – as it will teach your kid many handy winter-oriented and therapy-related activities.

iBooks Spanish Lessons: You can bring your little one closer to you this holiday season by giving him or her a selection of iBooks Spanish Lessons. This book helps your child to work on reading and writing both languages fluently. The book will also help your kiddo understand the differences between the Spanish verbs, which are tense and vocalic, as well as understanding basic sentence structure. Your child will not only work on expanding his vocabulary but will also master the language development skills needed for advanced studies of Spanish, including verb conjugation and vocabulary, as well as the different tenses of Spanish verbs.

iBooks English-Spanish Dictionary: You do not need any expertise in the field of language to access the iBooks English-Spanish Dictionary. This book will certainly prove very helpful to your kiddo, particularly if your kid is suffering from any of the learning challenges associated with learning a new language. iBooks English-Spanish Dictionary will teach your child the fundamental parts of the Spanish alphabet as well as the difference between the various genders. In addition, the dictionary includes information about words that are used commonly in movies, cartoons and TV shows, and that form an important part of the Spanish language.