Treat your kids to a cool 3-dimensional adventure with the I Spy 3D Game. This interactive scholastic chalkboard game comes with 3D tiles and 3D glasses, which feature different patterns. Kids mix and match the different tiles to find spy tools hidden all over the board. The I Spy 3D Board Game improves your kid’s spatial awareness and memory skills at the same time.

i spy 3

This exciting board game requires total concentration, as you have to move the pieces around the grid in such a way that they eventually fall into the hole or reach the goal area. The objective of the game is to gather as many spy tools as possible without letting any slip through undetected. Children will enjoy this fun activity because they get to use their creativity and imagination while learning something important as well. This game can easily be played with two to four people, although a small table may be needed for optimal game play.

Spy Tools are not simple string objects but are more complex computer programs which are hidden. They make sounds and appear as ordinary objects when you move or flip over them. Once you find the hidden object, you have to click it or click on it using the mouse. When you do this, the corresponding spy tool will open up and reveal a particular secret message.

The I Spy 3D Flash game provides hours of fun because not only does it allow kids to learn new things but it also teaches them how to keep their brain sharp. This is especially beneficial for children who experience brain fog or ADHD because this game teaches them to pay attention. In addition, the flash interface makes this game very convenient for kids as they do not need to install any software or download any files.

The different spy tools are presented in various designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. This way, kids can definitely choose the ones that interest them the most. Kids can also personalize their spy tools with their favorite cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Barbie, and many more. These fun games are perfect for children to improve their knowledge about electronic gadgets, surveillance, and the Internet.

The different spy tools are presented in three formats. This way, kids can pick the one they like the most. At iSpyCommerce, your kid can enjoy fun for hours without having to worry about a penny. This website also offers several other games including spy hunters, photo stamps, musical chairs, and lots more. With this exciting online game, kids can have a good time exploring and learning while having some quality time with their families.