The Cosby Show was a successful mid-1960s TV series, and this film makes a smart attempt to appeal to the nostalgia of a whole generation of viewers. But it’s a flop, lacking the substance of the original show and instead relying on the chemistry between Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy. Their easygoing “aw, shucks” demeanors play well off each other’s high-strung antics. If the movie had been made today, it might have been a more satirical comedy.

owen wilson and eddie murphy

The original film was based on the novel by David Warner. It followed two men who were struggling to make it big in Hollywood, and their friendship developed as they worked on different projects together. The plot of the film revolved around two characters: a boxer civilian and a Rhodes Scholar. Both men were involved in a dangerous situation, and the film became a hit.

In “The Dirty Work” (1997), Wilson and Murphy play a duo of drug addicts. In the movie, Murphy is a cocaine addict and is assigned to help Luke Robinson carry a briefcase across the desert. In the movie, they get a chance to see how each of these men reacts to the situation. The sexy pranksters are on the rise in Hollywood, and the duo’s success is inevitable.

Wilson and Murphy have been working together for almost ten years, and they have a great chemistry. But it’s clear that the movie has some issues. The two stars have very different tastes in movies and don’t share the same values or goals. But they are still a good pair. Despite the flaws, this film has plenty of heart and will entertain audiences of all ages.

Despite the bad chemistry between the two actors, Murphy is not a comedian. Unlike many of the other stars of Hollywood, Murphy has a drug problem. That’s why he and Murphy have a great chemistry. While their relationship is still in its early stages, they have yet to get married, but they have worked on a movie together. They both have a lot of experience in the entertainment industry.

They’ve been working together for almost ten years. They’ve starred in a couple of clunkers over the years. They’ve both done some under the radar roles in the past. But they’re still not funny! They’re both underrated as a result of their lack of chemistry. And they’re not exactly funny. However, Murphy has done a better job in his last two movies.

The chemistry between these two actors is unmatched in the movie. Owen Wilson plays the slightly nerdy secret agent Alexander Scott, while Eddie Murphy plays Kelly Robinson, a middleweight boxer who is recruited by President Bush. Both characters work together to steal a prototype stealth fighter. Their friendship is not a happy one, and neither does the friendship they share. These two are unlikely to be friends forever, but for now, they’re good partners.