Himalayan pink salt is a compound mined from the foothills of the Great Himalayas in India. The pink color of this salt has been attributed to iron mineral content. It was considered a secret of ancient Indians long before the first trace of it was discovered by the Dutch in the 16th century. This mineral rich compound is extremely salty and its use can be traced back to many centuries. Today, it is widely used as an inexpensive cooking salt that can be found in Indian grocery stores as well as at specialty stores throughout the United States.

pink himalayan salt

Himalayan salt may be a new entrant in the American market but it is quickly gaining attention in both the culinary and health markets. It has become the hottest cookware item on eBay with many sellers making a good profit from this salt product. Many people are purchasing it for its health benefits which include an elevated blood pressure level due to the magnesium and iron content of the salt. High blood pressure may be a risk factor for some people and pink salt may help to lower it.

Salt is used to season and flavor foods. Many chefs prefer to use it instead of regular salt because it is less processed and does not have sulfur or other additives. Some of the best known chefs include starters like spinach and avocados on pizzas and burgers, as well as ingredients like tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs on sandwiches. Salt offers a more elegant flavor for these dishes as opposed to using regular or table salt.

Many health benefits are attributed to pink Himalayan salt. This salt contains a range of trace elements including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. These trace elements are important to our overall health and are only found naturally in seawater. We get most of our sodium from fish and sea food. Pink salt is made from natural sea water, so it retains these trace minerals.

Salt lamps are made with pink Himalayan salt mined in Nepal and surrounding areas. The salt lamp is a ceramic item that is heated and it begins to emit light. Each salt crystal is different colored and has its own unique color. Crystals come in red, pink, green, blue and orange.

Since kosher salt can also be mined, this serves as an alternative to buying kosher products at the supermarket. When shopping for pink Himalayan salt online, make sure that you buy genuine salt as there are many imitations being manufactured and sold on the market today. Natural sea salt that meets the highest standards of both Ayurvedic and Western medical research and has the highest sodium content is the best salt to use.

Although the salt makes an excellent kitchen and cooking ingredient, it is also excellent for improving your health. High sodium content in the average salt causes hypertension and various other medical conditions including high blood pressure and stroke. Pink Himalayan salt contains magnesium, which helps improve blood circulation, which helps lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It has calcium, potassium, iron and calcium. If you need to lower your blood pressure, then this is one of the best ingredients that you can have with you.

People who suffer from Coccidioidomycosis (a type of ringworm) have been using himalayan pink salt for thousands of years. This is because of the presence of trace minerals like strontium, zinc and iodine. All these trace minerals fight the fungi causing the disease. The fungus is killed by the trace minerals, making the cure permanent. The good thing about using this natural cure is that it is economical as well. Salt has many uses, but none is as useful as curing diseases with the help of natural trace minerals.