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Rap Music Review – I Spy Rap’s Album

The Spy rap album is a compilation of songs from The Chronic and Itchy & Disturbed. For those not familiar with the two bands, I would like to explain them briefly. The Chronic is an extremely popular emo band that has been around since the early 90’s. They are also heavily involved in the Los Angeles area music scene. The very first song on their album, “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, is a fantastic song that describes some of the conditions that are present in the Los Angeles area. A very similar situation to the one’s described on this song is what is going on in the music industry today.

In addition to their successful live performances, they have also released numerous CDs of music that has taken the world by storm. Their best known song is probably, “Reckless & Futile” which received heavy rotation on various radio stations around the world. Their other hits include such songs as, “Cherry Swing”, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” and “American Pie”.

If you were to look at their history, you would quickly realize that their major break came with the release of their self titled album. Although it didn’t do well commercially, the single, “Reckless & Futile” was a huge break for them. The single reached number one on the pop radio station, “Billboard Music Breakthroughs”. This helped them to gain further popularity. Since their self titled album, The Spy rap group has been hard at work putting out great music.

One song that might get some attention from people who might be interested in learning how to rap is “I Guess I’m Going To Hang Myself”. One of the biggest singles off of the debut album was “This Is Why We Can’t Have Small Children”. While that track is not as well known as some of the better songs from The Chronic, it is still worth checking out. The last song on that album, “Wasted” is a massive stadium rock tune that features plenty of memorable lyrics. For anyone who wants to learn how to rap, this is a great song to learn from.

Once again, I should warn you about listening to too many of these songs. Each artist has a signature style that they bring to the table. What works for Jay Z will not necessarily work for someone else. If you really want to learn how to rap, you have to hear the good stuff. This is true for all genre’s of music, not just rap.

There are many places you can go to get these songs. Most will charge you a royalty fee for them, but there are sites where you can get the tracks free. You just have to know where to look. With the technology available today, that shouldn’t be too hard of a task. Remember though, if you truly want to learn how to rap, you need to start from the ground up.