The first game in the Spooky Mansion Party is the Classic Game. This time you are supposed to get a picture card with two key tokens, one of them is already revealed on the picture card, the second one is not yet revealed and you need to guess which one is the hidden item. Now for this particular game you need to make use of the pictures that you have copied from your desktop or the ones that you have taken with your digital camera. You also have to remember that you are only supposed to guess the right one for you to get a reward point. If you are able to guess all three picture cards then you will end up in first place after you have gone through every room of your house.

The second game in this collection is called In the Spooky Manor. The object is simple, just hang out inside the spooky mansion and avoid the different sets of lights and sounds that are going to trigger at a specific time. The first part of this game involves you being the only human in the whole neighborhood and there are two types of challenges that can be triggered in this part, one is a timing competition and another is a word challenge. The timing competition basically requires you to say the same exact word combination as the icon on the bottom of every room, after fifteen seconds you will get rewarded with a star.

The next part of the game is called The Spooky Manor Photo Hunt. You are in this pretty big world, you are given two different rooms, each with four different items in it like the apple and piano. The objective of this game is basically to search the rooms and look for a picture card in each of them. The items here are not really that important, the real key to getting a high score is the number of picture cards you find, after fifteen seconds you get a reward point.

The last part of the game involves using your keyboard to do various actions. There are four different key tokens in each room, to collect all of these key tokens you have to type the word that is shown on the screen on the keyboard. Some of the actions include but are not limited to looking inside a house, looking at a picture card, tapping on something or moving your mouse to any of the red buttons on the bottom of the screen, after five minutes you get rewarded with a small star. I Spy Spooky Mansion online does not provide a lot of exciting activities but what it does provide is a challenging game and that is what we all look for when playing this game.

I Spy Spooky Mansion online is really easy to understand, there are no complicated graphics so even kids will have no problem understanding what is going on. I also think that this game is quite fun and adds quite a bit of fun to the game because it’s not like most other games out there that have you do boring tasks and don’t really challenge you to make any decisions. In fact, this game is challenging enough so that you’ll be laughing during the whole time you’re playing it.

Another great thing about this game is that you get a free trial when you purchase it. This means that you also get a chance to see whether or not the game is really what you’re looking for. It’s completely possible that you might end up being a better player once you actually purchase the game. You should also consider that the price is very reasonable considering it’s quality. So, if you’re thinking about buying this game just make sure that you check out this awesome game before making your final decision.