spy boy

Spy Boy – An American Hero

The Spy Boy is always first at the front, to look for trouble. Only a chosen few are Spy Boy. It s his mission to communicate First Spy to his new masters in the military. First Spy channels down the network to Big Chief when he notices other Indians approaching. First Flag then signals back up the tree line to Big Chief.

The Spy boy now has a mission as well, and this mission is to make First Chief happy. He does this by getting him some good food, and a bit of pampering. In this way he will not think too much of the other Indians or their ways. He is now allowed to live amongst the Indians because they are now allowed to practice their own traditions and beliefs, which are called the Mardi Gras Masking Indian Culture.

The tradition of wearing a mask by the Indians began when they were first conquered by the Americans. This is because they noticed how the Europeans respected the native ways and customs, because of which they were so quick to throw aside their own ways and adopt the European way. The Spy Boy, who was given the name Spy because of his British origin, wears a red cloth headdress that represents the color of the American flag.

On this day he also gets to a special place called the “prelate” which is just over the ridge where there is a break in the forest. Here the people from the different tribes gather, and everyone gives him a warm welcome. But first he must pass a test by getting to a big chief called Big Chief, so that he can recognize who he really is. Then he goes to First Chief’s place where he gets shown the ropes that are hung outside the house of a big chief.

These ropes are symbols of the American culture and give the Americans the advantage when it comes to fighting the British army. The big chief informs the spy boy that the Indians are prepared to fight any enemy and that any member of the English army must first take a walk with him. This shows that the Americans have adopted the Indian culture, as well as the different war dances they do. When the spy boy finishes his tour, he is shown a place called the “capture the flag” dance, where Indians carry the American flag and perform such dances. Afterwards, he finally reaches the big chief’s house where he gets a warm reception.

The “capture the flag” ceremony represents the unity of the tribes against the British and their evil intentions towards the Americans. Another interesting story that follows involves the capture of seven women for the use of the enemy. The seven women were taken captive and were later sold into slavery to some gold traders. The seven were taken to the big chief’s house where the American soldiers found them and freed them. All these stories add to the interesting American culture that gained throughout the years and gained more importance as time passed by.