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Optical Interferometry, also known as optical interferometry is a measurement of the focal length of an object measured from its surface and its angular location on the plane of the focus. A telescope with an objective lens may use one or more types of optical interferometers for this purpose. Some of the most common are the so called single lens reflex (SLR) and the multiple objective lens reflex (MOQ). The former is made up of a single objective lens mounted in a separate housing and has a convex mirror that is focused on to the focal point for which it is used. The latter is composed of a number of objectives, each having a different magnification and reflecting the same optical image as seen through the smaller objective lenses.

The development in modern technology has led to further developments in the field of optical interferometry. The usage of these improved telescopes is widely applied in various domains of science and technology. They are used in medicine for microsurgery, astronomy for space research and particle physics etc. For such applications, accurate measurement of focal length and resolution of errors in the position and composition of the sample or the telescope is a critical factor and can only be handled by the latest generation of optical interferometers.

In the case of medical science NCS is used for various diagnostic tests like echocardiography, mammography, chest x-ray etc. where the diagnostic results are vital for the doctors. These tests are performed with the help of special interferometers like NCS. Another important domain in which these medical tools are used is in the areas of structural engineering. Here NCS is used for constructing building enclosures for residential and commercial purpose.

Another application of NCS is within the military domain. These instruments are used for a wide range of applications. For instance it is used for surveillance of bases, military installations, aircraft carriers and for spy work too. NCS is also known by many other names like optical fibre interferometer, optical coherence tomography etc. The main goal of developing such highly sophisticated NCS was to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability in optical measurements.

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