“I Spy” and “I Spy Collection” are two great iPhone apps that help consumers keep track of everything their spouse says on the phone. In case you didn’t know, “I Spy” and “I Spy Collection” are spyware programs. They are very similar to the “Spy Camera” software that is available for free on the web, and they serve the same purpose. This is not intended to be an appraisal of the quality or usefulness of either program. Rather, we wanted to provide a simple, easy-to-understand overview of what they can do for you.

To begin with, there is a free version of either I Spy Collection available on the iPhone’s website. At the time of writing this article, that free version is still up and running. The program allows the user to install three different plug-ins (for use with the iPhone’s iSight feature) and collect information about all text and images displayed on the iPhone’s screen. This is achieved by connecting through a USB port to the computer of the user that has the iSight plug-in installed and by installing the iSight plugin on the iPhone.

All of the data that is collected by the iSight plugin is sent to a remote server maintained by Jean Marzollo, who is the primary developer of the spy software. This server then sends the information to an e-mail address provided by Jean Marzollo. The email sent from the iPhone to the remote server contains all of the collected data; however, it is possible for one spouse to install the iSight plug-in and have it view everything that is on the phone (including text messages and photos); however, the other spouse cannot.

Some of the features of the iSight Software include: iSight Image capture and uploads (the software allows one spouse to upload pictures); iSight photo collection (the software allows one spouse to download photos and videos); iSight video collection (the software allows one spouse to record videos and upload them to YouTube); The ability to control the camera; iSight recording (the software allows one spouse to record video clips and store them on YouTube); iSight map compilation (the software allows one spouse to map locations on the iPhone to locations on the server and to view any map that is provided by the server – this includes both public and private roads and highways in the United States and many other countries); The ability to control audio playback; iSight recording (the software allows one spouse to record audio clips and store them on the computer and listen to them); The ability to control weather and global climate; The ability to control accessibility to GPS; iSight can work as a transcription service (transcribed text will appear on the iPhone’s screen). All of these features and more are available as a premium subscription in the iSight Plus program.

All iSight collection packages are designed to gather the data needed for a wide variety of purposes, including mapping and navigation, video and audio recording, as well as controlling access to GPS. For the most part, all of the products in the iSight collection are top of the line products, but they do differ slightly. Some products have better display screens and larger font; some have better functionality; some are more expensive; some are more difficult to use; and others are less compatible with older models.

The iSight collection package iSight Pro offers the best value. The software is designed to be used on any version of the iPhone, so compatibility is not an issue. The iSight software does not require any monthly fees or recurring fees, and the cost of use is very reasonable. The software works very quickly and seamlessly on the iPhone, and it runs well on any connection speed and with any type of cell phone. There are no advertisements to distract you, and there is no clutter – just exactly what you need.