Digital Marketing eBook since its creation has been hugely beneficial in lowering advertising costs. Helping small companies thrive. Reach out to a large untapped base of potential prospects. Creating new career opportunities. Strengthen the e-commerce sector.

A digital marketing book can do so much for you. It can help build relationships with your audience. It can get you brand recall and help you gain higher visibility in the online marketplace. The right hook in your digital marketing books and eBooks will do more for you than you can imagine.

Social Media Marketing Guide. With over 160 million users on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Pintumbler… these are some of the most powerful social media channels, a marketer can tap into. This guide readers can use to make the most out of social media marketing books and eBooks.

AdWords Power Guide. Google AdWords is an incredible paid search tool that can produce results quickly. If you can’t beat ’em, join them! The authors of this guide have combined their knowledge from years of experience with Google AdWords campaigns to create a complete guide to getting the most out of AdWords. Best of all, this guide is free.

Analytics for Digital marketers. Google’s official analytics program is extremely helpful for digital companies looking to improve their internet marketing presence. This book covers Google Analytics completely and in depth. The book covers how to interpret the statistics and what else you can do with it to be successful online.

Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media to Boost your Bottom Line. Book Review: Social Media Marketing by Benjamin Scott, PhD. This book is recommended for digital marketers who want to take their business online. Ben Scott, the creator of social media marketing, gives digital marketers tips for using social media marketing to drive traffic to their websites, increase sales, and achieve other digital marketing goals.

Hacking Growth by Bryan Zimmerman. Bryan Zimmerman is a digital marketing guru. His book Hacking Growth tackles the mindset of digital marketing executives and what they need to do to succeed. This is an outstanding eBook that will help digital marketing executives stay on top of their game. This one is recommended for intermediate marketers because it doesn’t offer so much advice on how to hack social networks like Facebook, MySpace or twitter. Instead, it offers psychological hacks that digital marketing professionals will find very useful.

Digital Marketing Books by Joel Comm is another excellent digital marketing book. This book covers everything digital marketers need to know from web analytics, digital marketing tools and social media marketing. The book has step-by-step instructions and it includes an interview with well-known internet marketers, a review of digital marketing tools, and an introduction to digital marketing strategy and identity resolution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Books – Again, there are lots of books out there on the Internet that sell tactics on how to get the most clients and how to get them back. Most are written by so-called experts that don’t really know much about search engine optimization and they are selling techniques that could be very expensive for new marketers. If you are willing to spend money for the right SEO tactics, you should go for the best books in the market.

Social Media Marketing and the Way It Changed My Life by Jordan Alder. This book is all about social media marketing. It explains how digital marketing can be used as a source of marketing online. It contains a lot of case studies and various digital marketing strategies. This book changed my life as a professional marketer.

The SEO Book by Jon Pisacco. This is a great little book that gives deep insight into some of the more popular SEO tricks like keyword stuffing, link building and article submission. I don’t know if this book will help those who aren’t as technically minded, but it’s certainly worth reading for those looking for deeper SEO strategies. If you are a customer loyal to a brand, this book could change the way your customers perceive your brand.

The Digital Marketing Books by Kaushik Patanjali. This book explains why SEO is becoming more important than ever and how kaushik patanjali the founder of SEO took his passion for working with Google deeper and found a partner. The book gives deep insights into search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, digital marketing etc.