In the high tech, high-stakes world of covert operations, the I Spy Film DVD by Kevin Henkes is highly recommended for those who have ever wondered if you can actually spy on people through their television. When the newly developed Switchblade, the newest stealth fighter designed by the United States military, is stolen in the name of America’s top-secret spies, one of our nation’s top spy hunters, Alex Scott (Owen Wilson), is dispatched to the U.S.’s embassy in Tokyo to retrieve the stolen weapon. What he does not know is that the Switchblade belongs to a ruthless arms dealer, World Class Boxing Champ Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy), whose only mission is to get the Switchblade back to its rightful owner, billionaire businessman Arnold Gundars (Martin Sheen). So when Alex and Kelly visit Gundars’ office and steal the Switchblade from his desk, they immediately set about their mission. And so begins their mission to infiltrate Gundars’ business empire while avoiding detection and uncovering his secret dealings with international terrorists.

If you want to spy on people without them knowing about it, this DVD offers the opportunity. Alex and Kelly set about to sabotage Gundars’ businesses and put a stop to his activities, using various methods such as sabotaging the steel used in the production of his planes, stealing his money from his bank accounts, and more. They even sneak onto the planes that Gundars uses to fly his planes, taking pictures before switching the plane’s radio to activate an alarm and notify the U.S Department of Defense.

You might not recognize Kelly and Alex, but you will definitely recognize Kelly and his best friend, Kelly’s brother, Kelly’s bodyguard, Bob, who can often be seen in the background of certain shots during the film. The film is not overly flashy; instead, it focuses on the characters that make or break the entire film, making the movie very suspenseful and fun to watch. One of the most impressive aspects of the movie is the fact that it manages to blend humor and intrigue in a way that no other spy thriller has been able to do in the past.

Both Kelly and Robinson are well known for their comedy roles. However, in this film, you get to see them both together as a unit, as they go undercover as a couple. While there may not be as many laughs as in other films like Spy Hard, which is known for being very funny in nature, you still get to see them as the same old-fashioned and laid-back duo that you have come to know and love over the years. It would be hard to think of a better comedy duo than the two actors who have been working together since they were young teenagers. In addition, they do an excellent job of playing off one another, providing some excellent comic relief as Alex and Kelly try to put up a front, hide their true motives, and avoid being discovered.

However, unlike some of Henkes’s other films, this one isn’t as heavy on humor and goes more towards the serious side of things. There is certainly some good-natured banter, but Henkes never lets go of the fact that the story is very much serious, which makes it a very satisfying ending to a comedy filled with humor and tension. With the story ending, Henkes does a great job of making you feel suspense as the credits roll.

Overall, I Spy Film is not the best James Bond film in recent memory, but it is definitely the one that you should give a shot if you ever thought you might be interested in spying on others. If you haven’t seen it yet, go out and see it before you do anything else, and you will enjoy what you are watching.