The Spy Game is the sequel to The Bourne Identity. Both films involve an undercover operative (i.e. a person that can be seen wearing a disguise), and both films deal with espionage and infiltration of the U.S. government. So I think it’s safe to say that this film will also be concerned with covert operations and will probably have a few more scenes where we see some of these agents going up against each other in the field.

Redford plays the role of James Bond as well as a CIA agent, while also showing some of his comedic side. In both of his films, Redford plays an agent of sorts who needs to blend in with the environment around him to be able to complete his mission. However, in this film he is given a chance to go out there and do some spying of his own – and so he does. We see him infiltrate China and South America, while also working to keep an eye on things at his home in London.

Michael Moore plays the role of an agent of his own agency, but this time he’s not doing anything illegal or questionable. He simply wants to save the world from nuclear war. He is, however, more than willing to work with Redford and others to ensure that no nuclear weapon is placed near the United States. As in The Bourne Identity, they are also looking for information regarding a series of disappearances, which could be related to a group of rogue scientists who may be working on nuclear weapons.

Bernard Hutchison plays a part-time member of the spy game as the character of Lance Hunter. He works under the orders of Muir as his liaison between him and the other members of his team, and he also works closely with the CIA itself. Although he is only referred to as an “asset”, he is important because of his access to classified information and his ability to get inside the most difficult of situations. There is a scene where he infiltrates a Chinese warehouse where he tries to use a biological weapon, but he ends up accidentally killing an innocent American soldier. – this is one of the more serious scenes in the film.

Despite the fact that The Bourne Identity was released over a decade ago, The Spy Game still holds its own. It’s interesting to note that, despite its length, it features all of the action, excitement, twists, and turns that make it such a fun film. for those of us who have seen the first movie. And it’s even more fun when it’s directed by none other than Guy Pierce, one of the directors behind the classic spy thrillers The Hunt For Red October and Die Another Day.

If you like Martin Scorsese and Tom Cruise, then The Spy Game is definitely something that you will want to check out. It’s an entertaining, well-directed, intelligent film that has plenty of laughs along the way.