The Winguardian was a name given to the person who wore a long-sleeved, brown-colored woolen robe, complete with a headpiece and a large round, horned hat known as the Winguard, which was used to protect their head during battle. During the later Victorian era, the Winguardians were considered highly fashionable and wore different types of hats, gloves and robes. However, in the late twentieth century, this style was often associated with the middle-class, and the Winguardian became much more popular in the United Kingdom and Canada than it had been previously.

One of the first Winguardian hats that was worn in the late Victorian era were known as the “bog-hat”. The Winguardian hat was designed for use in battles where the wearer would need to be protected against hot weapons such as swords and firearms. This type of hat was made from a woolen material that was thick enough to keep the hair dry but thin enough that the head could breathe. The brim was also designed so that it could be opened fully for ventilation and air.

Another type of hat that was worn by the Winguardians was the “long-sleeved woolen robe”. This robe was made in the same style as the Winguard but was shorter and had no brim. The robe was generally worn with a white cap known as a “woman’s cap”. This hat was typically worn to protect the face while in battle. It was important to wear the robe with the cap down in order to keep the face cool in hot weather.

Another style of Winguards that was popular in the late Victorian era was called the “womans skirt”. This hat was designed for a very casual style of dress, with its wide brim and short length. It was designed so that it could be open up to keep the face cool and dry, while still allowing ventilation. Many of these skirts were made with pleats in them. The skirt was made from cotton or linen and was often embroidered with the wearer’s name or initials.

Another style of hat that was commonly worn by the Winguardians in the Victorian period was the “brown-sleeve woollen robe”. This hat was made from woolen fabric that was very thick enough to keep the hair dry and cool. However, it was not quite as long as the long-sleeved woolen robe. The robe was usually worn with a white cap that was worn with a long, white sash and was often adorned with buttons or charms on it.

A variation of the long-sleeved robe was called the “trouser”. This hat was similar to a woolen robe in that the headpiece and robe were both quite long and thick. However, the robe was shorter than the long-sleeved robe, which made it look much more formal. In addition to being shorter, it also was usually shorter than the long-sleeved woolen robe.