DrQ has been working in veterinary medicine for 20 years and has a special interest in animal nutrition and lifestyle choices. He will teach you how to help your pets live longer and healthier lives. He has experience with horse racing, dog training, emergency medicine, yaks, fish, and other animals, and is involved in health and wellness projects.

Yvonne DiVita

If you are looking for a blog that has a balance of information and entertainment, then Yvonne DiVita Wellness Consulting For Life is a great place to start. The name of the blog says it all, featuring a beautiful cat with a unique personality, and includes both serious and light-hearted topics like pet rescue. Yvonne has experience working in veterinary practices and she started her blog to connect with other pet owners. It has since become a haven for animal lovers who are struggling with their pets’ health issues.


DrQ Wellness Coaching For Life is a holistic veterinarian and Life Coach for People with Animals. Jena Questen has over twenty years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine, with a specialty in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. She is passionate about helping people and their animals live healthier and longer lives. She also has experience in horse racing, dog training, and emergency medicine, among other things.

American Humane

The American Humane blog is a great resource to learn about all aspects of caring for animals. The blog features feel-good stories about animal welfare and safety. American Humane has been around since 1877 and continues to work to improve the lives of animals and their humans. One of its recent accomplishments is certifying ninety percent of eggs as cage-free, while the “No Animals Were Harmed” program has helped to keep 50,000 animals safe on film.

The American Humane Rescue program has rescued over 1 million animals and helped to save more than a million more. It sheltered animals during the COVID-19 pandemic and during Hurricanes Laura and Sally. It also led the charge to adopt “pandemic pets” during times of crisis, a major victory for animals and their owners. The organization has also helped change attitudes about animal care and welfare, and is working towards ending the dog meat trade.

American Humane is a national nonprofit organization that promotes the well-being and safety of animals. The organization was founded in 1877, making it one of the oldest humane organizations in the country. Since then, it has worked tirelessly to ensure the well-being of animals and create lifesaving bonds between humans and animals. The group has a variety of programs, including pet adoption, animal health and safety, and a network of individuals and organizations.

If you are looking for a blog about animal care, you may want to check out the blog of Dr. Michael Walsh. It’s very comprehensive and includes information on pet care, case studies, and best practices. The blog’s author comes across as a caring pet owner who knows a thing or two about animal care. Walsh has published two books and hundreds of articles on animal health and welfare.


BlogPaws is a conference for pet bloggers. It is held in May in Henderson, Nevada, a 30-minute drive from the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are hundreds of pet blogs and other animal health-related companies attending. The event is pet-friendly and includes a doggie daycare.

Founded in 2009, BlogPaws connects pet owners all over the world. It’s a community of pet parents who want to share tips for a healthy and happy pet. Its online community boasts over 1,700 members, and its annual conference attracts hundreds of animal lovers.

BlogPaws has become the premier pet social media conference, with attendees from around the world. When Yantos learned she was a finalist, she was filled with joy and excitement. She plans to attend the event in May and is grateful that she followed her dreams. She has been very well-received by the animal blogging community.

Aside from providing tips on blogging, BlogPaws also features marketing tips and social media tips for pet blogs. Felissa’s passion for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels fueled her passion for creating this community. Her other blog, Two Little Cavaliers, focuses on senior dogs and how to understand their needs.

The Homeward Pet website is another great resource for pet lovers. Not only does it showcase the stories of pet owners, but it also explains the science behind the connection between human and animal. Homeward Pet also provides adoption programs and shelter for homeless animals. The blog also features a magazine aimed at small dogs, with articles on dog health and travel.