What is Ispy is a very new tool that was created by an IT student. It was created to help IT administrators to monitor their employees’ internet usage. We all know how many threats are lurking on the internet and they can never seem to be completely removed. We also know that there are many employees that do not always use the proper channels when surfing the internet. This can lead to a number of different problems. If your business is one of these businesses you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of what isapy can offer.

what is ispy

What say does is it uses a network of IP cameras to allow you to have an accurate detection of what is going on within your company. The way that it works is pretty simple; you log into your server and access the control panel. From there you will be able to view what is happening on your network. You will be able to view every single camera on your network and who is using each one of them. There is a lot of data that can be gained from using this software and the best part about it is that isapy is completely free to download.

The next step that you need to take advantage of what to say is the ability to monitor what is going on your network remotely. You will be able to log into your server and access the control panel from there. You will be able to see who is using the cameras as well. With the help of the rtsp url you will be able to find out the users of the IP cameras. The rtsp url will allow you to view your camera stats as well.

The last piece of information that you will want to have access to is the log that is sent to you every time you update the settings on the IP camera. The log will allow you to monitor what is going on the camera when you are not logged in. With the help of the spy software you will be able to send email alerts to your staff if there is something happening on the network. This is one of the best uses of what to say and the only thing that you will need to make sure of is that you have an email server running that can handle both normal email as well as the custom email type that are sent through this software.

In order to use the what spy software you will need to know what is you is protocol for your particular network. There is two IP Cameras that you can choose from, the SFP+. You will find that the SFP is a little bit more expensive than the SFP. You will also find that the anvil protocol is what will be used on your networks that have SFP Cameras. The anvil protocol will work for any type of network that has cameras on them.

If you want the cheapest way possible then you will want to use the SFP+ and anvil protocol will work with any IP camera that has SFP pluggings. If you have a network that has either SFP Cameras or an anvil protocol then you will not be able to use the what is software. What say does have one advantage over other IP Cameras in that the software can be configured to work with a multitude of cameras, but this may depend on the type of cameras that you have.